Hello there

My name is Malcolm and my mission is to encourage people to get up and cycle. It is also an attempt to create a mentality where cyclists on the road are accepted here in Gozo, Malta and around the World.

For some, the first 'challenge' would be immediately ruled out at even the slightest thought of CYCLING in Malta or Gozo as many are just plain afraid of what might happen. However, you will never experience the joy of seeing things from a different perspective. That is from a perspective of peace and serenity that engulfs you when cycling through off the beaten track roads or trails whilst breathing clean, fresh air and enjoying picturesque green views and to top it all off, you're maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

The latter will make me sound maniacally delusional but what's wrong with trying? Unfortunately in Malta and Gozo we have way too many 'Kings of the Road' but we just have to deal with them, just stick to your route and cycle on! My grand target is to dispel such a mentality and evoke the mentality of sharing the road equally.

So that's already two rather very arduous challenges I have set for myself already and I won't quit until I start seeing some kind of change! 

Wait, so who am I ?

Simply put, i'm just a 20 year old ambitious and an extremely meticulous guy from Gozo, and no, Gozo isn't Malta.


Cycling up Dwejra with Domenic (right)


My Story

From a young age I've always been troubled by a rather large temptation for consuming anything edible that comes my way which led me to becoming rather overweight for my age. Cutting the story 'short', fat Malcolm decided to take action and signed up for a gym membership. Lo and behold, 3 years of gym memberships and 3 years of a rather repetitive routines, fat Malcolm was gone, I mean, the 'extra baggage' was gone. 

The Swap

As you can probably tell by my overly enthusiastic (sarcasm) description, I got bored of gym and decided to take up Cycling after a friend suggested that it would be a lot of fun.

The Health Hazard

For the following, I mean no harm to my fellow mountain bikers, it's just not my thing.

I started off with a Mountain Bike, more specifically a 2013 Focus Raven 29er 7.0. It was a beautiful bike but after taking way too many tumbles in all types of nasty terrain I decided that I should do away with this hazardous machine. I ended up putting about 5 times the kilometers on the road than off the road. Don't get me wrong, I have massive respect for all Mountain Bikers, i'm really left aghast every time I watch videos of pro mountain bikers. The question on my mind is, how are you able to still keep balance on your bike with those massive balls ?

Ah, the grand decision for a Road Bike

I almost quit cycling after a few perilous experiences with the mountain bike. But that's when this same friend suggested that a roadie (road bike) would be better suited for me. A few days passed and I started to consider this prospect so much that I rang up Magri Cycles in Mosta.

I went to Magri Cycles the following week with no bike in mind but with just a budget. As I made my way to the office, I glanced at a striking red road bike, I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at back then. Little did I know that it would end up being the bike that I would be taking home! It was a 2015 Cervelo S3 Ultegra.

The first ever ride! 

The first ever ride! 

I immediately noticed that this bike meant serious business! It looked amazing, it was comfortable beyond measure and it was hysterically fast and nimble.

What about that weird-looking, red spaceship-like bike thing that you are pictured with at the top of the page?

Ah yes, the glorious 2016 Cervelo P5. That, my friends, is what is called a 'Time Trial Bike'. More specifically one would assimilate that bike to a superbike.... yes, they exist! But more on that later, as this was supposed to be a brief 'About Me' page! I'll just leave it at this - this bike is beyond comprehension.

The End

Hopefully I haven't said too much, else what's the point of returning right?

To that I say, you'll be missing out on some seriously interesting content even if you're not a bike fan and even if you loathe cyclists, i'm sure you'll be enjoying a compelling read! 

Signing Out