Journal - Ride 64, Debut

Short Description About Today

  1. New Stuff!
  2. The "All Rounder" Ride
  3. Awesome type o' day



What did I debut ? 


Just a silly ol' handlebar and a seat.

Why? seat needed a replacement as it was quite badly screwed up. Had a couple of scruffs here and there but the major reason was due to the fact that it was past it's expiry date! In it's olden days, it was perhaps the most comfortable piece of seat-ery but it came to a point where I was more comfortable standing up than sitting down! Thus the reason why I had to get a new seat! Whilst in the 'upgrading' state, I did some research and found out that the 2 things that make the most difference in the comfort of your ride are your handlebar and seat, so I got a handlebar too...binge buying is not healthy.

My S3 has never looked this fresh! All thanks to Magri Cycles!




Onto the ride itself...

Today's ride was the weekly all rounder, basically an easy yet hilly type of ride to start off the cycling body. Couldn't go out yesterday as I had to stay in Malta but I tried making up for it with this ride. I failed doing that though.... Today's ride started off with 2 laps in Qala road then I headed to Nadur, down Ramla, up Xaghra, down Marsalforn, up Zebbug from Rabat and then down to Dwejra and back home! Phew..quite a mouthful! 



Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • Testing out the new gear!
  • Hills Hills Hills!
  • The weekly all rounder!

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

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The End


Cycle on!