Journal - Ride 68, Gordan Lighthouse Hill

Short Description About Today

  1. Hilly
  2. Gordan Lighthouse Hill with a racer!
  3. Fun stuff



Very late..very late indeed. Starting at 8am on a Saturday...what a lazy git! 

I'll keep this post relatively short as it's main highlight was the Giordan Lighthouse Hill....AND DOMENIC GOT A PUNCTURE AT THE VERY LAST KILOMETER. FEELS BAD BRO.

Penultimate Climbs

Today's ride was filled with tough hills, namely Ramla to Xaghra, Marsalforn to Zebbug (Ghajn Mhelel). These lead to a very interesting and challenging hill, Giordan Lighthouse Hill. Btw, I was already a bit fatigued after the very first hill because I had cycled 60km yesterday evening which also contained some hills (around 520m of hills).

Giordan Hill


Simply Epic.

It is an extremely interesting hill with a ton of surprises along the unimaginably rocky and bad road. But that's what makes it great.

At times you will reach a gradient of around 20 degrees and it isn't short either...takes around 5 minutes to climb at an average of 8-10km/h! It's a real struggle. But it is all worth it once you make it to the summit as there are very nice views and plenty of photo opportunities...not that I took any (around 10)...


Try it out!


And be careful going're gonna burn your brakes and probably crack a few bones.


Oh yeah, and Domenic rear wheel punctured in the last km! hah!




Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • Domenix
  • Lighthouse Hill!
  • Too many hills!

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

Name & Shame


Pic of the Day

 Atop the Giordan Lighthouse Hill - That's me! - Taken by Domenic

Atop the Giordan Lighthouse Hill - That's me! - Taken by Domenic






The End


Cycle on!