Journal - Ride 69, Long One

Short Description About Today

  1. Mike's bearings
  2. Sunny & Cold
  3. Group ride
  4. Long ride! - 3 hrs 10mins
  5. Hillz
  6. Mixed type of ride


The Usual Sunday

Another Sunday!

Sunday is by far the best day for cycling in Gozo. The roads are as quiet as can be and generally, the weather is great for some odd reason! 

Today's Ride started off a bit late for me, at around 7:40am or so but Master Domenic and Mike had already met up to fix a problem with Mike's bearings (no clue what but Master Domenix came to the rescue!). 

As I took my first pedal away from my house, I thanked myself for deciding to wear arm warmers as it was the type of cold that pierces through your skin and makes your body 'difficult' to move - if that makes sense. Yet it was sunny...

As per usual, it was a group ride with me, Domenic, Mike and Gerard - I won't go over the fact of how awesome group rides are but yeah, they're pretty epic. 

The ride itself was epic too. We mixed it up quite a bit with some tough yet enjoyable hills like Dwejra and some other hills which I can't recall at the moment (lack of coffee) and we amassed quite a bit of distance too...74.2km to be exact! Not really fast for 3 hours and 10 minutes but we had a ton of fun! Hadn't been on a ride for that long for ages.

Obviously we had to stop for some's 'Coffee Place of the Day' was Fat Rabbit in Nadur, t'was great, strong coffee in a large cup, some pepsi and a selection of pastries! 

That was basically it for this Sunday! On to the next one!




Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • Great weather!
  • Group Ridin'

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • Squeaking Pedals

Name & Shame


Pic of the Day


 Dwejra Inland Sea - IL-KINGS

Dwejra Inland Sea - IL-KINGS





The End


Cycle on!