Journal - Ride 66, Picnic

Short Description About Today

  1. Sunday Group Ride! 
  2. Early-ish start
  3. No Domenic :'(


No Toast

I ran out of subtitles.

I also ran out of titles.


Why "Picnic"?

You won't understand.

Why "Toast"?

Because we wanted to order some Toast but ended up not ordering any :(!


Never before seen Public Toilets in Xlendi have been spotted! 

Behind a bunch of boats.



This'll be another short blog post because....I'm simply lazy.

Today's ride started off fairly early (for me) at around 7:40am..met up with Iron-Mike and Gerard and we began our cycling adventure. There's not much else to say really...I don't feel like ranting about anything because all I could remember from today's ride was the fact that it was swelteringly hot.... 

And we stopped for coffee of course! 


T'was a great 54km!





Signing Out!

The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)

Highlights of The Ride

  • Group ride!
  • Coffeeeeeee! + Fanta!
  • Nice weather

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

Name & Shame


Pic of the Day

 The elusively hidden Xlendi Public Toilets!

The elusively hidden Xlendi Public Toilets!






The End


Cycle on!