Journal - Ride 71, Hello Doors & 2017

Short Description About Today

  1. Shorty
  2. Fun in the Sun
  3. COLD



A much needed, short, cold and fun ride!

Why so lazy ?

Hello there, again! Yep, I am aware that I've been inactive again for some time! For no reason really...Wasn't cycling much for the past 4 weeks, having only cycled 7 times in 4 weeks!!! INSANITY! I used to average at least 5 times per week ! Oh the good ol' days (of a month or two ago). I'll get back on the saddle don't you worry!

I'll be hatching up some new goals for 2017 in the coming days, sadly I couldn't make it to the 10,000km goal for this year but I completed all of the other challenges (cycle for 300 hours, cycle abroad, climb 75,000 meters - check them out here...).

71 Blog Posts in a year...not so bad!


Any Updates?

Something might be in the works... I'll let you know! ;)


The Ride

Today's ride was very plain and simple. Featuring Master Domenix.

Started off rather late (9am) and cycled around Gozo, visiting Qala, Nadur, Ramla, Xaghra, Marsalforn and then back home, climbed 526m, covered 28.2km in 1 hour 25minutes (you can see all of this below or in the link above to the Relive website).

Oh and we almost got killed by a refrigerator Truck's side door. Not really..but I wanted to sound dramatic. Basically the truck overtook us, as doing so, the side door of the refrigeration area (not passenger door) flung open.

Fun Times.



Signing Out!

The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)

Highlights of The Ride

  • Truck Door
  • COOL weather
  • Back on the bike!

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • Wind :(

Name & Shame


Pic of the Day


 Repeat Photo - Qala

Repeat Photo - Qala





The End


Cycle on!