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25 Days Late

Yeah....I have a valid reason though! As any other 20 year-old (oh yeah, I turned 20 in the 25days of absence I've had!) who attends University, I had some pesky exams which came to an end yesterday (25th January 2017). 

Now that my exams are over I can focus on more important staying in bed until 8am or cleaning my bikes!

In the 25days of absence, the year turned over to a new one (wow, a lot of things happened whilst I was away from the blog eh?...turning 20, 2017 ...). With the upbringing of 2017, come new things! Such as New Goals Of The Year (CHECK THEM OUT HERE --> CLICK MEEE!)


Before talking about the more up-to-date things, I'd just like to talk about 2016...

2016 is over.


That was quite the nostalgic-emotional experience huh? 

2017 is new.

Indeed it is. And with it have come and will come a couple of interesting rides hopefully.... But I'll just leave it at that as I don't wanna say something and then end up not doing it..that would suck! 

2017 has been good so far, I've covered an embarrassingly minuscule amount of KM in 25 days, but that's cause of the pesky exams! 

Stats : 

Distance : 306km -- Elevation : 2,863meters -- Time : 12Hours

The latest ride being just this morning (26th January). I'd like to rant about it if you don't mind... 

Are people that blind? 

I ran into (not literally thankfully) at least 8 apparently blind drivers / obvious rulers of the world/road who completely didn't give a care in the world. I'm currently working out to see if I should buy an Action Camera (GoPro or some sort) and plonk it on the bike to show you what I mean. I probably should...

Anyway..onto today's ride, the ride was quite rather...EXTREMELY MESSY. I mean, I had a completely crispy clean bike, I went back home with what looked like a bike that was thrown into a puddle of mud intentionally. Obviously, my clothes also shared the same fate, it's not fun to cycle with a wet ass.

But yeah..the ride was great! And I was looking forward to it from well...25 days ago! I climbed a couple of hills but most importantly, I relaxed...albeit not in the most ideal weather conditions. 




Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • The Return Ride
  • HILLS!
  • The Joy of cycling!

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 Ghajn Mhelel !

Ghajn Mhelel !





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