12 Safety Tips for Cyclists

We all know the possible perils of cycling. Luckily these can be lessened greatly by following my 12 tips.


 1 - High-Visibility Clothing



 2 - Hand Turn Signals  


Don't be the cyclist that scorns motorists who don't use indicators yet you're not using indicators either. Lift up your hand and indicate where you're going! Always remember that you're extremely vulnerable. 


 3 - Rear and Front lights


Make yourself forcefully seen! Turn on both rear and front lights when you're going out if needed. It is also ideal to set the rear light on the strobe setting (continuous on and off).


4 - Helmet Lights


5 - Reflective Clothing

You'll be seen and as a bonus, you'll also look like you've got some TRON effect on yourself...which is kinda cool!


6 - Try to avoid dark colours


Don't wear dark clothes that have no reflective panels.


7 - Slow Down at Blind Corners

This requires no description really.


8 - Be Prepared for Flying Doors

Don't mind if you have cars behind you! Safety first! Edge towards the middle of the lane if needs be. Always cycle far away enough (a little more than an open door's length) from any parked car. 


9 - When in Traffic, be cautious when overtaking and only do so when safe


10 - Obey the Road Regulations...Red is RED.

You never know what might be waiting for you beyond a red light! Stay safe and obey the road regulations just like everyone else. Also, yield for anyone crossing the crosswalk.


11 - Camera


This is purely for your own safety and legal reasons if the unfortunate had to happen, you'd have video evidence. And it's also fun seeing yourself cycling on video when you're back from your ride!


12 - The Turning-Bite

Always be extremely careful when you have a car next to you and there is a junction coming up. The motorist might turn onto you!

That should sum up the majority of how to stay safe when cycling. And always remember, nothing is going to pan out 'as it should', always use your brain in difficult scenarios!


Signing Out