Journal - Ride 1, 23rd February 2016

Yep! I'll be posting each and every ride I do from now on in the form of a blog post!

These will be concise and interesting! Promise!



Today's Ride on Strava (Cycling App)


Highlights of Today's Ride

  • The weather was perfect (apart from the wind)! You'll see why from the 'Pic of the Day' photo below.
  • Traffic was at a minimum.
  • I had no altercations with motorists!
  • Met some rather cheery cyclists whilst on my ride.


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • Wind was blowing in all directions.
  • Went out on a full stomach (never do that).
  • Was quite tired for some reason.


Name & Shame

YES. This is going to be a thing from now on. I'll be posting who are the 'Kings of the Road' of that day's ride in this section. I'll also be providing video (via a mounted camera) of the perpetrators. (once I get mine to work)

Luckily, there were no altercations today.


Pic of the Day

 Taken on the road to Marsalforn

Taken on the road to Marsalforn


That will be all for now, if I think of another section that could be added, you'll see it on the next blog post!


Cycle on!