Journal - Ride 2, Gran Fondo +2

......Gran What???

(Turn on your best Italian accent) Gran Fondo is a ride where a cyclist will cycle to a 'Grand Distance whilst breaking some kind of Personal Record'.... In my case, I only did the 'Grand Distance' part by 102km, no Personal Records were broken sadly...

However, I was ranked at the 52,069th position on Strava's Gran Fondo Challenge! Woah right? Only 52,069 places left to climb to get to the top!

You might be thinking to yourself..."But wait, 102km in a 14km long Island?!?! THAT'S WITCHCRAFT!!!!

To that I say...You're probably right!!


Nah...Basically all it takes is (SARCASM IN 3...2...1...) just a few laps around the SAME roads (10-15 laps) and you'll have your own 100km on a bicycle!

Gozo is particularly at an advantage when it comes to rides like these. Why? (It depends actually)

For example, I started at 9am (don't do this on a Saturday) and finished at around 12:50pm something. THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO CYCLE IN GOZO! All due to the fact that the Sun will be blazing (most of the time), cars will be at a minimum (EVERYWHERE) and for some bizarre, unknown reason, people tend to be FRIENDLIER!


Today's Ride on Strava (Cycling App)



Highlights of Today's Ride

  • Weather was fine, roads were a little wet in the beginning.
  • Woke EXTREMELY motivated to do 100KM.
  • Friendly Traffic.
  • Ate a ton of food afterwards! Burning close to 3k Calories leaves a hole!


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • Damn wind...


Name & Shame

Surprisingly... No one!


Pic of the Day

 Just past Ta Pinu Church

Just past Ta Pinu Church


The End


Cycle on!