The Blog

Hello World

 Yes, the bike computer is slightly tilted to the left.

Yes, the bike computer is slightly tilted to the left.

I'll kick things off by answering some obvious questions.

Why make a blog ? 

Well, those of you who know me, should know that I like to experiment and test out new things every now and then else what’s the fun in a repetitive life?

And why on earth a CYCLING blog in such a cycling-‘hostile’ country?

Simple, I’m one of those people who has embraced the 'risks' of cycling in Malta and Gozo so I’d like to encourage other people to embrace those same risks and get out to CYCLE! It’s a beautiful world on the saddle!


What are you to expect from my blog?

First of all, I like to keep things short and simple, so every blog post should be an interesting yet concise read. And this has to be known by all my readers : I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL CYCLIST, I've only been cycling for a little less than 2 years! Also, i've only raced once in my life and it was decided on a whim on that same day.


Back on topic…I’ll be posting about - 

  • Cycling
  • Bike photos
  • Cycling videos
  • Athletic fitness
  • Cycling in Gozo 
  • Cycling challenges
  • Cycling goals
  • Racing
  • Journeys to different places
  • Basically, anything cycling related


So it’s safe to say that you’re in for quite a ride (pun intended)!

Now i'll leave you with a peaceful and serene climb up Zebbug(Gozo)

Signing Out