Journal - Ride 4, Turbo Trainer for Breakfast and Steep Windy Hills for an Afternoon Snack

Turbo trainers hurt though...

What's a 'turbo trainer' I here you ask?

Basically it's a piece of god sent piece of equipment that allows you to attach your bike onto it. This will then allow you to cycle...INSIDE, IN A STATIONARY POSITION !!!! WHERE THERE IS NO WIND, NO MOTORISTS, NO RAIN, NO SUN AND NO HILLS...which is boring if you ask me. Oh and they hurt...

And yes, I did wake up at 6am just to cycle me crazy all you want.

And yes, I did also go out on the road on the SAME day, which was fairly windy..I must be mad! 

Because...who wouldn't want to go out on a windy day?! 

Look at it this way...Wind will HELP you get to the better version of yourself be it from cycling, running or any type of sport which is impacted by the element! Sure you will probably suffer more and spite the decision that you took to go out on a windy day but you'll be strengthening yourself! Act as if the wind blowing into your face is some kind of 'person' trying to pull you down, you've got to keep on fighting it and never give in!

Everything was perfect today (except for some strong headwinds), I did some nice and steep hills - Nadur, Ramla to Nadur, Ramla to Xaghra, Zebbug and Dwejra. You must be thinking..."oh but it was so windy today! You're mad!". As I've already said, I didn't let the wind stop me from doing those hills because that's what I wanted to do today and I wasn't prepared to deviate from my original plan because of some wind. It might have been more challenging but I'm sure it'll pay off!

Keep on CLIMBING no matter the circumstances and DON'T look back!



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Highlights of Today's Ride/s

  • 6am Turbo Trainer session!
  • Challenging Hills!
  • Peaceful traffic
  • Tailwinds were amazingly pleasant!


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • Headwinds sucked...


Name & Shame



Pics of the Day

 At the end of the Road...Ramla

At the end of the Road...Ramla

 The bike must hate me now for what I have done to it...Dwejra

The bike must hate me now for what I have done to it...Dwejra


The End

Cycle on!