Journal - Ride 15, Windy Monday



Monday's ride was lonely, windy and very windy....with some hills of course.

Cycling 7:30am on a Monday morning is always fun to start off your week...most of the time.. But not when there are 40km/h winds blasting into your face and you're already feeling quite tired from the second you step on the saddle....

In the first hour or so of my ride, the wind wasn't interfering all too much but as if someone had flicked on a switch...the rest of my ride (58 more minutes) was a constant battle with the nasty element (the wind). Heck, I couldn't even hear myself talking and my bike was being knocked around like some kind of plastic toy.

Anyway, I still decided to do some hills and also I spotted a 'new' hill which I WILL be attempting when it's not so astronomically windy. I'll be sure to write a blog post about it once I've tried it. Monday's hills were for the most part, fun. Climbed them in a 'relaxed' manner in order to allow my body to rest a little (if that makes any sense).

Had a few altercations with some motorists, such as the Monday morning HONK (I was at the side of the road but this motorist still labeled me as a nuisance). And then there was the close call. I was being overtaken by an obviously blind motorist which left only a (roughly) 30cm gap between my handlebar and his car. Now when you're cycling, you'll obviously be deprived of energy and an overtake like that is followed up by a serious shock and a slew of slurred & unintelligible words. 




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Highlights of Today's Ride

  • It's a Monday!
  • Hills
  • Spinning training
  • Nice(ish) weather
  • Cool tailwinds


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • Some honks
  • Close call with a blind overtaker (left a 30cm gap when overtaking)


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day


 Near Calypso cave (Xaghra)

Near Calypso cave (Xaghra)





The End


Cycle on!