Journal - Ride 17, Discovering Uncharted Land



Monday's ride....

Where do I start....

What was supposed to be an early 7am brisk, recovery cycle turned into - me being lazy and staying in bed till around 9:15am.

Monday's agenda was solely for the ride to be an easy, recovery ride as I have already stated above. This is because I had the nasty flu for 3 days before Monday.

Skipping all the 'un-interesting' parts....


The Road

Triq Tac-Cawl (Qala)

Zoomed out view

Almost there...

Triq Tac-Cawl ladies and gentlemen


This road is quite literally heaven on Earth (or Gozo).

The Characteristics 



  • There WON'T BE ANY CARS!!

  • It's a very nice downhill descend (be careful the first time you go down)

  • It's an amazing uphill climb (Max Gradient - around 15 degrees)

  • Great for practicing climbing

  • It's neither short nor long




My experience - 

Around 30mins into my ride, I stopped at the Qala belvedere to take the 'Daily Pic' overlooking Comino, the channel and the beautiful scenery. I then spotted this off the beaten track road and started to puzzle things together to see where I could go to get on this uncharted road because from a distance, it seemed 'perfect'.

And boy was it epic!

I was first greeted with a 'bad' road (pot holes galore) and then it all transformed into what I would consider as - Heaven on Gozo.

At the first few meters, the road is a slight decline...that is until the first bend.

Then it all transforms again, the road opens up and uncovers beautiful scenery all around you. By this point you will have already began to descend (peaking at -15 degrees of gradient) be careful. The sheer beauty of the surroundings will cause you to forget about cycling completely. Just don't forget to steer!!

At the end of the descend (sadly) you will be met with a dead end, caused by a building (obviously) which ruins the road.

Anyway...on your way up it will just as exhilarating as when you descended the road!

You will now be climbing up the same beautiful surroundings but with a different view. You will now be facing a bespoke uphill road with tons of free space to manoeuvre and with a somewhat challenging gradient (10 - 15 degrees). Do not fret however, the challenging bit is a short climb which will be over before you realise it is!

Climb on!


Today's Ride on Strava (Cycling App)


Highlights of Today's Ride

  • Discovered 'new' land!
  • Great recovery ride
  • Beautiful weather
  • No altercations


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • Still a little sick
  • A bit too warm for my liking (damn jacket...)


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day


 Triq Tac-Cawl Qala

Triq Tac-Cawl Qala





The End


Cycle on!