Journal - Ride 8, Dead Battery

Hiccups of a Di2 Bike

"Di2 Bike? Battery?! What are you on about???"

'Di2' is an electronic gear-shifting system used guessed it, changing gears on a bicycle. This is advantageous over the normal mechanical shifting due to the fact that the rider can switch to different gears faster and the whole system can calibrate itself...meaning - LESS MAINTENANCE!! A BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF TECH IF YOU ASK ME. 

Now common sense tells us that if something works electronically then it MUST have a battery somewhere right? That is correct.

But what happens when you're on a Di2 Bike, cycling and having fun when suddenly the battery dies?

By the way, the battery can hold it's charge for 6 MONTHS OF USE.

YOUR FRONT DERAILLEUR GETS STUCK TO WHATEVER GEAR IT WAS PREVIOUSLY ON. Let me explain further...The front derailleur controls your big chainwheel and if you get stuck on the larger chainwheel on the front, YOU'RE GOING TO SWEAR. A LOT. ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN GOZO AND ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE ON A TIME TRIAL BIKE. Because you'll be stuck on a large gear (meaning you have to push harder).

This is exactly what happened to me today...I was about 15km into my ride when I noticed that the Di2 system on my P5 wasn't making the 'ZZZZPPPP' noise when trying to shift my front derailleur...Luckily however...I was on the smaller chainwheel..phew!

I guess that's the 'punishment' I get for not using my Time trial bike for over 3 weeks...

It'll have to wait till next time I guess.



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Highlights of Today's Ride

  • Took out the TT bike!
  • No wind


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • Dead Battery
  • Lack of energy


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Pic of the Day

 Just after taking out it's battery to charge for next time

Just after taking out it's battery to charge for next time

The End

Cycle on!