Journal - Ride 23, Bonked Out

Short description about today -

  1. Highly spirited mood
  2. Warmed up Xaghra hill a couple of times
  3. Race time
  5. Went back home after the 2nd lap due to my inability to continue - injuries (yay)
  6. Realised I broke a KOM
  7. ....double yay?

Keeping today's blog post short-

Havne't posted in a while as this past week I was mainly training for today's race. Meaning that the training I did wasn't particularly interesting, just some intervals and a couple of easy rides to prepare the legs for the race.

Sadly however, nothing prepared me for what overcame me after the 2nd lap. I was absolutely burnt out - couldn't continue as I had developed a breathing problem (perfect timing). Most probably due to my lack of training from the past weeks..... 

Oh well.... 

I did break a KOM tho (sharing it)!



On to the next race!

High spirits!


Today's Ride on Strava (Cycling App)


Highlights of Today's Ride

  • Race day
  • Highly Spirited


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • Burnt out
  • Injured myself


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day


 Not taken today - Qala Belvedere

Not taken today - Qala Belvedere


The End


Cycle on!