Journal - Ride 24, 3 Days of Cycling

No short description this time! I'll be briefly going over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's rides instead.

Monday's Ride

Being the day after the unfortunate injury, Monday's ride was taken very easily for the obviously needed recovery. 

Why not rest instead? 

I simply didn't want to 'waste' a day inside as I know my limits to what could potential cause more harm than good. So I took it very easy, not pushing at all, just a relaxed and calm cycle on an early Monday morning.

But always remember, RESTING is crucial for improvement!

I also achieved a KOM on Monday, albeit, a very easy and cheeky one -

Again, the rest of Monday's ride was an easy spinning-relaxed ride.


Tuesday's Ride

Tuesday's ride was all about pushing through some watts (intervals) - a.k.a - pedalling hard and fast!

This was obviously done on my P5 (the weird, aero-spaceship time trial bike with the dinner plate rear wheel!)

Cycling on the P5 is a ton of fun and also a very rare occurrence. 

Why rare?

I never take it out when it's even slightly windy / when the weather is a bit iffy. This is all due to the delicateness of the bike and also because I don't enjoy being knocked around by the wind whilst on the bike..

Anyway...I did a couple (about 8 laps) of laps from Qala to Xewkija and back as that is the only straight, semi-good road we have in Gozo that isn't bombarded with traffic all the time. 

Reaching upwards of 60km/h on a bike is always a frightening and an extremely adrenaline filling experience and this bike does just a very silent and awesome way!

Very Fun Times!


Wednesday's Ride

Wednesday's ride was supposed to be an easy and hilly ride but IT WAS DAMN TOO WARM! However I did manage to squeeze in a couple of Dwejra Hills and some other interesting hills.

After that, I was seriously put off doing any other hills / cycling as my legs started to die due to the fact that I had now cycled for 7 DAYS STRAIGHT whilst enduring some injuries.

Anyway, I'm still satisfied with what I managed to do on Wednesday which was - a puny 500m of ascension and 37km in an hour and a half. 

It is quite clear of what is to come!



The Rides on Strava (Cycling App)





Highlights of the Rides

  • Plenty of energy on all 3 days
  • Fun rides
  • Highly spirited
  • Intervals!
  • Hills
  • Recovery!


Drawbacks of the Rides

  • Nothin!


Name & Shame



Pics of the Days

 Dwejra, taken on Monday

Dwejra, taken on Monday

 Near Xatt L-Ahmar (Ghajnsielem), taken on Tuesday

Near Xatt L-Ahmar (Ghajnsielem), taken on Tuesday




The End


Cycle on!