Journal - Ride 27, Hilly Mood

Short description about today -

  1. Energised type of mood
  2. Did some hills
  3. some more hills
  4. Took a cool photo
  5. Dwejra
  6. Home

That type of mood....

Don't you just love it when you go out on the saddle and just like magic, you feel the urge to conquer all of the hills that come in front of you?!

Yeah, I get that feeling about 2 times per week and it's awesome! It's basically just built up energy and adrenaline following a rest day.

But I like to think it's some kind of hocus pocus type of dark witchcraft - which is damn AWESOME!

Today's ride was quite straight forward -

I see a hill, I do it.

Sadly however, I was a little time constrained but I managed to do some fun and interesting hills, namely - Ramla to Xaghra and Dwejra. I also tried to conserve some energy for tomorrow's cycle because what's the fun in wasting all of your energy on just one ride?! Always think about the next ride and how you'd like that ride to be done! 

For example, I plan on doing some interval sprints tomorrow thus why I warmed up my legs today by doing some hills and tomorrow I will annihilate them a bit further!



Signing Out!


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Highlights of Today's Ride

  • Perfect weather
  • Hills
  • Great Mood
  • No bike probs!


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • None


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

 Somewhere in Xaghra

Somewhere in Xaghra



The End


Cycle on!