Journal - Ride 20, Saturday Hilly-Windy-Group Ride

Fun, windy times


Short description about today -

  1. Windy
  2. Windy
  3. Windy
  4. Group Ride with fun hills
  5. Windy
  6. Windy
  7. Windy


If you couldn't tell already, today's ride was characterised by a ton of wind. Not the pleasant (tailwind) kind either. It was nasty headwinds from all directions! Thus why we (Me, Domenic & Brandon) decided to tackle hills...cause what's the fun in cycling on straight roads on windy days?!


(inside joke)


We tried out some cool, challenging and new (to me) hills, namely - Ramla to Xaghra via the Calpyso Road, Nadur to Ramla via a 'MTB' type of road and Hondoq hill (will make a blog about them some other day as these hills deserve individual attention).

Other than that, it was a normal Saturday morning without all the angry and arrogant motorists because we mainly used alternate paths to get around.


Today's Ride on Strava (Cycling App)


Highlights of Today's Ride

  • Hills Galore
  • Tried out 'MTB' style hills
  • Group riding!
  • Fun ride!


Drawbacks of Today's Ride



Name & Shame



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The End


Cycle on!