Journal - Ride 29, Sunday Fun

Short Description About Today

  1. Early Sunday (6:45am)
  2. On the saddle - 7:23am
  3. Met up with Michael to do some Qala-Xewkija TT laps
  4. Coincidently met up with Gerard (another Cyclist) on Qala-Xewkija road who also joined us!
  5. Turned into a great group ride
  6. Gozo Half Marathon
  7. Cycled, cycled and cycled
  8. Changed roads
  9. Done.


For some very odd reason, I always feel very inclined on Sundays to bring out the P5 (TT Bike). This is most probably attributed to the *Sunday-Only-Car* mentality that many people have, inclusive of myself but towards a bike *let the laughs ensue*  . The P5 just has that type of feel to it, quite majestic indeed. Who wouldn't enjoy cycling on a mad, matte red, menacing-looking, machine on two very thin but EXTREMELY FAST wheels? It truly is, absolutely BONKERS.

Onto the ride!

The ride was very enjoyable, started off at 7:23am, cycled till around 8am(ish) alone and then met up with Michael. We did a few laps back and forth from Qala to Xewkija in order to warm up and also with some fast paced sprints whenever we felt like it. T'was quite fast paced. Suddenly, Gerard appeared out of nowhere and also joined in our quest to...well...CYCLE! Time really flew by today whilst on the saddle, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable ride (as is usually). Honestly, the 68km ride really felt like it was 30km...It was that FUN!

Also, there was the Gozo Half Marathon taking place today, so we met with a ton of people cycling, running and jogging which was extremely pleasant to see! Best of all...

THERE WERE CLOSED ROADS!!!! We obviously took advantage of that!

Jokes aside, we had a couple of close up looks at the marathon runners and they all seemed very determined, heck, even the ones at the back which really inspired and baffled me. I guess everyone has to start from somewhere in order to achieve the better version of themselves. They just don't have to give up when the going gets tough! 



Signing Out!


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Highlights of Today's Ride

  • Great weather
  • Very fun group ride
  • Mixed - Speed & Hills
  • No traffic


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • That van-driving-horn-sounding-horse-bearing-human-being


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

Was having too much fun today so....there's no (today's) photo!





The End


Cycle on!