Journal - Ride 30, Time Trial Blitz & Near Misses

Short Description About Today

  1. TT fun
  2. Mad average speed of 34.3km/h
  3. 70.5km in 2 hours and 3 minutes!
  4. Laps, laps and more laps
  5. Very close near misses (twice)
  6. Fuelled my adrenaline
  7. Still fun


Simply put, this was the whole agenda of Tuesday, 26th April's ride. It was a continuous sprint-full ride. Literally non-stop (except the time where I had to go back home because well....there ain't any toilets on a bike!!)

123 Minutes and 22 seconds of pushing through the wind and being carried by the wind! What's not to love about that ?! This was my fastest time for doing 50km in 1hour and 25minutes where my previous record was set at 1 hour and 34 minutes - an impressive 8 minute improvement! Also shattering my previous record of cycling 50 Miles which was previous set at 2hours and 45 minutes which is now at 2hours and 39 minutes - another impressive 6 minute improvement! 


This ride was nothing short of 'exciting' as I was almost flattened twice, first by a woman in a red car who didn't look at both sides of the road (as our mum used to tell us) before emerging from a junction where I was (coincidentally) cycling at around 49 - 55km/h, yes, it would have been a VERY nasty crash. In my moment of distress, I shouted at her and she stopped about 1 meter out of the junction (lucky me)!

Then there was a truck driver who emerged out of a quarry site at about 30km/h whom luckily for me, stopped at less than 1meter away from my bike whilst I was cycling at about 35-40km/h. He must have realised that he should have proceeded with caution and not as he was doing. Had he not looked AGAIN, I'd probably still be on the ground!


Signing Out!


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Highlights of Today's Ride

  • Great weather
  • TT Fun
  • Records
  • Adrenaline


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • Near Misses


Name & Shame

Woman in the red car! (didn't get the numer plate)

Truck Driver dude (didn't get the numer plate)


Pic of the Day

Again, no photo from today!



The End


Cycle on!