Journal - Ride 33, My First Time Trial Race

Short Description About Today

  1. 4:30am early rise!
  2. 6am ferry!
  3. 7:10 - At the Coast Road
  4. Quick lap on the Coast Road
  5. 8:30am - Strapped on the Turbo Trainer for an 18 min warm up
  6. 9ish - Take off
  7. Results : 40:02 minutes - 25km - 37.45km/h average speed
  8. Placed 15th out of 36 - Good enough for me being my first Time Trial!
  9. Cycled back to Gozo.


Pre-Pre Race

I have to admit, I wasn't looking forward to racing this Sunday, frankly, I made up all kinds of crazy excuses to not race. Why? I don't really know. Luckily however, I mustered up the courage and I signed up. By some luck, I managed to get accepted. I was the last person to be signed up and thus, I was the last person listed on the race roster, meaning I would be the last one to take off.



Before I delve into more depth, I'd like to thank my friend, Brandon and say - Yes, the red aerospace weird looking bike finally made it's debut!

 Living in Gozo has it's downsides. One of them is having to be time constrained to catch a ferry. Today was a prime example of that, having to sleep early the day before and to wake up at 4:30am (to prepare everything which was already prepared...yeah) in order to catch the 6am ferry in time. Me and Brandon met up with Joe just outside my house, loaded everything (bikes, bags and us) into the van and set off at around 5:50am. Being Sunday, we were sure we'd be getting on the ferry since not many are fond of going to Malta ta 6am in the morning on a Sunday, luckily for us. 

We arrived on Malta at 6:40am, drove to the Coast Road which by then, the time was around 7:10am. Me and Brandon, unloaded our bikes and decided to do a quick lap, talk to other fellow cyclists and empty our systems. By then it was already around 8:15, I urged brandon to hop on my Turbo Trainer to do a quick warm up before he gets sent off.

The *almost* Race

This race was what is called an Individual Time Trial (This race was also the opening race for the season), where every minute, a cyclist takes off and does his 5 laps in the fastest time possible. It was almost my time to go so I strapped my bike to the trusty Turbo Trainer and went ahead with a quick 18min warm up which was essential! 

Race Time

I finished my warm up exactly 3 minutes before they called out for my number (02) and name. I had already somewhat recovered from the semi-intense turbo trainer warm up. Took some pre-workout boosters and I went up to the man that holds you in place (hard to understand and hard to explain) whilst you're about to leave so that you're already clipped into your pedals and all you have to do is pedal...HARD! 


Once I heard the countdown, my heart was racing, I gave it my all and sprinted ahead to start my race. Without even feeling anything or noticing, as I glanced down to my SIGMA ROX 10.0, I noticed that my heart rate was at around 190 already! Pre-Race excitement really builds up! I tried as best I could to balance my heart rate around 175 - 188, which is my 'racing' zone and I managed to do so quite quickly. 

Freaking cones...The only downside to this race was that we had to do 5 laps on the same road with a lot of cyclists on the same road, going around cones (this is a very scary process as you have to break hard from 45km/h to around 15km/h to get around the cone and restart your race pace).

Anyway, laps passed, overtook some other racers and it was all great except for that single person that drafted behind me for the length of 2 full laps (which should be punishable by a penalty in an Individual Time Trial). As the race neared to an end, my mind shut off and I was completely bewildered as to what lap I was in. I had to slow down a little to see if the cyclist that had taken off before would end his race, which he did and I followed. This left me angry at myself as I hadn't really sprinted but there will always be the next and the next and the next race because the experience was amazing!

I finished at a time of 40minutes and 2 seconds for a distance of 25km (5 laps) at an average speed of 37.45km/h placing 15th out of 36 Elite-Group Cyclists - Satisfied!. 

Cycling to Gozo

Since it is quite rare for me and Brandon to be cycling in Malta, we decided to cycle back to Gozo instead of going in the van and what an experience that was again! Went on some nice hills on our way back to the ferry, needless to say, we were happy and quite satisfied.


Oh and I got up to 80.3km/h on our way back ! hueh...broke the speed limit!


On to the next!

Signing Out!


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Highlights of Today's Ride

  • Great weather
  • Race day!
  • Time Trial race
  • Satisfied with the result


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • Not knowing which lap I was in!


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

 Before the race with Brandon's Orbea

Before the race with Brandon's Orbea

 Taken whilst climbing a hill - exaggerated face (post-race, heading to Gozo).

Taken whilst climbing a hill - exaggerated face (post-race, heading to Gozo).

The cool hill


The End


Cycle on!