Journal - Ride 39, Cycling from Italy to Austria

Short Description About Today

  1. Italy
  2. Rented MTB
  3. Cycled from Dobbiaco, Italy to Lienz, Austria
  4. 57.6km of Uninterrupted cycle-heaven

Goal - Check 


What goal am I talking about?

Head over to my Stats & Goals page right over .... here.

Yep! I've finally cycled abroad, which has always been something I've wanted to do ever since I started this whole cycling thing! 

Started the route from about half a km away from our hotel as there was a conveniently located bike rental shop. 

The cycling paths were simply unbelievable.

And yes, I decided to wait a whole week before posting about it as I thought it would add some sort of relevance...maybe?

On a different level than the COAST ROAD

However nowhere near the sheer perfection of the Coast Road's cycling path.....yeah...right! That 'cycling path' (if it can even be called that) is extremely laughable when compared to the utter bespoken cycling paths in Italy!

Let me elaborate on that, image you have a 3 to 4 meter wide PERFECTLY PAVED road with 2 opposing lanes, beautiful greenery on each side, tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of trees and best of all, no pesky drivers trying to push you off!!!!

Now multiply that by 57km (just our route)! Literally 57km of blocked off cycling heaven in the clean, open, green air! 

We set off, took it easy, made the most of our time in the captivating scenery and most of all, had a ton of fun AND some swift tumbles here and there.


Check out the video and photos below to see just how awesome the route was.



Signing Out!


The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)


Highlights of The Ride

  • Cycling Abroad!
  • No cars!! AT ALL!!!
  • 57km of continuous fun
  • Extremely peaceful cycle
  • Beautiful scenery


Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

Somewhere on the border of Italy

Somewhere on the border of Italy

Somewhere else on the border of Italy

Somewhere else on the border of Italy





The End


Cycle on!