Journal - Ride 41, Morning


Short Description About Today

  1. Early P5 (Time Trial bike) Riding!
  2. 53km of Speedy and Hot Intervals


Tip - This'll be a shorter than usual blog post

Started off my day with a brisky 53km cycle with the Cervelo P5 (The Red Aero-Space-Menacing lookin' bike). That bike still manages to put a wide smile on my face whenever I am about to take the first pedal to start the ride. 

Today's ride was fairly easy at times but pushed it to the limit a couple of times also reaching a max speed of 66.6km/h at one point...the perfect type of breakfast if you ask me! 

Onto some stats, cycled for 52.3km in an hour and 43 minutes (as can be clearly seen below in the ride's stats on Strava). These consisted mainly of 2 laps to Rabat and numerous laps to Qala and back to Xewkija, which is quite possibly the best straight road to train with the time trial bike as it hardly ever has traffic and there's a minuscule amount of junctions, it's really Gozo's answer to a VERY, EXTREMELY miniature "highway" without the traffic.



Signing Out!


The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)


Highlights of The Ride

  • Fun Morning
  • P5 Ride
  • Intervals


Drawbacks of The Ride

  • Way too warm!


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day


 excuse the 'thumbs up'

excuse the 'thumbs up'






The End


Cycle on!