Journal - Ride 42, Snowball

Short Description About Today

  1. Early Saturday
  2. S3 Endurance Ride!
  3. FUN (sarcastic) laps
  4. 100.7km

P.S : No I'm not talking about Snowball from Animal on!


100km on a warm, Saturday morning, right after a wedding...classifies as down right insanity...right? 

Yes it is insanity and I may have to go and get myself re-evaluated... I'm not really sure as to why I decided to wake up at 7am, the morning after a wedding, sleeping for only 5 hours or so and cycling for 4 hours straight for 100.7km whilst only digesting a glorious, crispy energy bar (I'm sure it's safe on the sugar!!) and a couple litres of mega-sugarified water (still water!). 


This whole cycling thing must have really implemented itself deep into my head!  It's safe to say that I love it!


But man was it the best thing ever! I hadn't challenged myself in a long long while and this will be the beginning of many more gruelling challenges to come and you can bet on that! We can call today's ride the very start of what I consider the - *Snowball Effect*. Basically meaning, after today's ride, whenever I decided to challenge myself again (soon, very soon), it'll be even better than the one before it!

In other's ride has marked the beginning of the end for me! But i'm up for it!


And before you start bashing me about "showing off", 100km is by no means a "feat" so to speak as I have done much longer yeah!


Anyway...onto the ride itself!

Took off as per usual, with no set goal in my mind...that is until 5minutes into the ride where I decided to make this ride a - "long one". 

There's not all too much to talk about to be totally honest, it was a normal ride, just a tad longer... Headed to Qala and then went to my usual SECRETIVE(not really)  route to Gharb/San Lawrenz/Ghasri and cycled a few repetitious lap in those roads. To be exact, I cycled in that area until I reached about 89km on the clock and then headed to Qala to finish it off at the 100.7km mark. 


Challenging yourself is so crucial in life! You should really try it, once in a while, just try to keep to your limits....and remember, we as human beings haven't discovered the ability to fly yet, so don't go on to challenge yourself to jump off a cliff, it'll just end up being messy and unpleasant..unless of course you have a wing suit!!

Bring on the next challenge! 


Signing Out!


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Highlights of The Ride

  • Long and Easy Ride
  • Great Weather (cool at times)
  • Highly spirited


Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day


 Somewhere in Ghasri/Gharb

Somewhere in Ghasri/Gharb







The End


Cycle on!