Journal - Ride 44, The Follow Up

Short Description About Today

  1. An early Thursday Windy-ish Morning
  2. Long Distance
  3. Pursuing my Goal
  4. Burning mad calories
  5. Obtaining bespoke cyclist tan lines (google it)
  6. 5 hours in the hot sun!
  7. Strava Challenge - July Gran Fondo complete
  8. Caloric Deficit! - 3052cals BURNED


The Follow Up...

If you've read my other blog post about having started a 'Snowball Effect' (click me if you haven't) then you'll know exactly what i'm talking about. If not....go on and read it! It'll take you 3 concise minutes, promise.

Yeah, so today's ride (28th July) was a follow up to what was said in the other blog post. Being that now that I've started my long distance challenge to finally reach my 'mega' Goal(Click me to see what Goal it is) , i'll be increasing the distance every week or I'll be trying my best to! 


The Ride

Today's Ride was quite exhausting from the very started but it obviously reached it's peak when the sun really set in. As can be seen from the Strava Log, I cycled for 131.9km (132km for you OCD people, like me), gained 1068m of ascension all within 4 hours 57 minutes and 57 seconds at an average speed of 26.6km/h (which is pretty good if I may say so myself). Also burned 3,052calories! Heh....I'm gonna need to eat quite a...LOT. 

The weather was in my favour for the most part but if you're gonna be cycling for 5 hours there will be times where you'd just wish the Sun would implode or something of the likes. Luckily the ride was being supported by a generous amount of wind which was very helpful and very dreadful when cycling against it..

The real test of these challenges is really the mental ability to keep going (as I've said countless times). This is due to the fact that you'll reach a certain point where you know your body is able to keep going but your mind will go rogue and start to distract you with exhaustion. This was put into play when I was at the 125km mark, the sun was scorching, sweat everywhere, no water...almost gave up as I was very near to home but I just kept going and going because I battled with my mind.

Bring on the next challenge! 


Signing Out!


The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)


Highlights of The Ride

  • 131.9km of pure fun hell!
  • Windy
  • Long distances!


Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day


The Open Road...Hondoq



The End


Cycle on!