Journal - Ride 38, An Espresso and Flying Buckets

Short Description About Today

  1. Sunday
  2. Group Ride
  3. Tons o' Hills
  4. Flying Buckets
  5. No Espresso

Shot Down 

You might be thinking....what the f..heck is he on about??

" Down???....this bloke must have taken in too much sun today and it still hasn't worn off!"

To that I say....that conclusion is very plausible however it in fact incorrect...

Have I boggled your mind yet? If so, do not fret, I'll start ranting in 3...2...1...

It was a beautiful Sunday Morning, the weather was great, the birds were singing (in my tired head) and the early morning Sunday folk were going on about their routine on a Sunday Morning.


I met up with Domenic and Brandon which had already been cycling for about an hour from 6am but I decided to sleep in a bit longer thus why I obviously started an hour late, beauty sleep. The Sunday Morning cycle was full of challenging hills, from the very start, I had to somehow climb up Nadur Hill to meet up with the gang which were doing some Ramla hill repetitions.


It was quite a rude awakening for my body to cycle up the Nadur Hill without any sort of warmup...wait a second...this might make me sound weak..*cough*...IT WAS GREAT, EASY STUFF I TELL YOU! 


Anyway...I met up with them and we did Ramla Twice or so and then headed to Qala where we went down to Tac-Cawl which is my absolute favourite hill in Gozo at the moment as I had previously exaggeratedly said in a past Blog Post.


Flying Buckets

Then we went back to Ramla where I reached a max speed of around 73.5km/h (scary stuff).

Also we almost had a bucket thrown (quick thinking) at us because some entitled, smart headed being just felt the sheer need to cross the road even though he clearly could hear and see the winding noise of bicycles rushing down a road...KINGS OF THE ROAD BRO, YOLO!!!!


Domenic il-King

And then we headed to Tas-Sellun Hill in Xaghra, near the cemetery, quite a difficult climb (pictured below) but it is also very fun to do...however, it does have a terrifying 'worst case scenario'.

If you meet a car going up or going down, you will most certainly have to pull aside as you MUST go on the opposite lane to climb it...unless of course, you're Domenic and cycle it at 4km/h


The Espresso

..thanks for the hint Gerard!

Finally, we went to our favourite coffee-break-place in Marsalforn where we had a couple sips of tea and some Espresso(s)... We chatted for a few minutes and ordered the second round which should have consisted of 2 espressos and another cup of beloved and vaunted Espresso never arrived :( .

My hopes were shot down...shattered!!!

I was instead given another cup of tea which was equally as good at the time because if you cycle for 55 odd kms and around 1000m of ascension in that suffocating heat, you will most probably eat/drink anything in your path without a second thought.


Yes, this whole blog post boiled down to a mis-understood order. 


A side update before I sign out - The Blog will be put on hold for next week as I will be abroad.



Signing Out!


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Highlights of Today's Ride

  • Fun Sunday group ride!
  • Hills and hills and hills
  • and hills
  • Great Weather
  • Easy 


Drawbacks of Today's Ride

  • Some impatient drivers
  • No Espresso :(


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

 Taken in the outskirts of Xaghra near the cemetery  

Taken in the outskirts of Xaghra near the cemetery  





The End


Cycle on!