Journal - Ride 53, Hell-Tervals

Short Description About Today

  1. Sunday Time Trial Fun!
  4. Group Ride
  5. Tons of Sugar


Turn down the weather!

Before I start today's blog, I'd like to list a new feature I'll be adding to each and every blog from here on. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW IT!

Basically you'll be able to relive each and every kilometre that I cycled in a cool, funky and very graphical manner. Sadly today's ride won't do it justice since it was basically back and forth intervals but give it a look see! IT'S COOL!



Amazing shiz ain't it? 

Just as amazing as today's ride....but before I start blurting out the usual 'fun this and fun that' stuff, I'll obviously have to rant about the ride first! Because what fun would writing this be without ranting?

Let the rant commence!

As per every Sunday, you'd have to WANT to imagine that the roads at 7am would be blissful and everyone would be cheery and sympathetic about everyone else. That's where you're wrong. Every single Sunday we have to encounter numerous motorists that just don't care, for example, the overtaker from the opposite lane in his 'muscly' SUV. Yeah we had one of those this morning and thank god we were in a single file. This bloke obviously had his slow cooking ftira back at home and couldn't afford another second so he just overtook some tourists and came hurtling down at us (he was about 5 meters ahead of us by the way, so if he could've waited for about 2 seconds - it would've saved him a couple of swear words).

Then of course there are the horn honkers. Such as the man in his mighty Mini (HUGE CAR by the way). Came up from behind us and instead of acknowledging the fact that there are cyclists in front of him, what does he do? Does he peacefully indicate and overtake us? (The opposite lane was empty, it was a long stretch of road and overtaking was possible as the central line was dotted) Does he overtake without using his indicators? No No...this man was obviously a very complex individual. He honks his horn for a good 3 seconds, overtakes us as 50km/h (cruising speed) whilst showing off his half-witted self by flailing his arms in the air like a pigeon in a cage. And here's the best part -  we were on the side of road anyway.  


The Ride

Now onto the ride! Today's ride started off a little later than usual. Being a wind-less, sunny Sunday, it obviously meant that the P5 had to shine. Besides, we had already planned to do Intervals today so yeah, the P5 H.A.D to shine. The weather was great, except for the fact that it wasn't. Quite a mind bender ain't it....Cycling in 34 degrees celsius ain't all that fun and having no wind is no better but at the same time it was great! Quite the conundrum... Thus the name of this blog "Hell-Tervals" simply meaning Hell & Intervals due to the scorching weather conditions and also simply because intervals are nasty...the good type of nasty. We looped a ton of times in Qala road (as you can see from the link above & below) averaging 34-36km/h speeds per interval which is pretty good considering that there are some hilly sections in that road. I'd also like to point out that this was the longest ride I've ever done on the P5, so yeah, record! 

It should go without mentioning that the ride was a heap ton of fun, constantly switching positions every 30 seconds to keep the flow moving in the intervals in a group of 5-6! Messy but fun! Finally, we stopped in Rabat for a few KILOGRAMS of sugar which came in the range of Pepsi, Icetea Peach and then a healthy dose of water. And that was our Sunday!


The Week in Review

 323.9km and climbed 3081 meters in 13hours and 17minutes 

323.9km and climbed 3081 meters in 13hours and 17minutes 


Signing Out!


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Highlights of The Ride

  • P5 Speedy Fun!
  • Group Intervals
  • Some sprints :D


Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

 The Brows

The Brows






The End


Cycle on!