Journal - Ride 55, Long Morning

Short Description About Today

  1. 6:30am
  2. No clue what i'm doing
  3. ....HILLS!!!!
  4. Aggressive Drivers
  5. Still Fun tho!

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Today's (September 3rd) ride started off unusually around 6:30am but being me, this meant that I had to be up at 6am at the very least.

The plan for today's ride was absolutely zilch. I had no idea what I would or should do in my Saturday cycle as today I was solo master Domenic! 

So being a cyclist, I cycled away my thoughts of what I should do and just cycled to wherever my legs took me. Apparently, I had a ton of energy that was waiting to be used up as all the hills that were in close proximity to me - I climbed and climbed! Starting off with Dwejra then Zebbug, Marsalforn to Xaghra, Ramla to Nadur and then finishing off with Triq Tac-Cawl in Qala WHEN I got a call from Domenic to meet up at Mgarr Harbour for a quick coffee!! Obviously, I couldn't pass this up so I went ahead and plunged down to Mgarr Harbour for what should have been a 'quick' coffee, turned out to be a rather long one - approximately 30 minutes or so! But who cares ? It was fun! By the way, the '1000' means 1000 meters of ascension as can be seen below in the Strava Ride / Relive link.

The Nightmare

Being in Mgarr Harbour, we obviously had to climb that hill to take us back home....this was probably the worst idea...ever. Some drivers aren't the most friendly to cyclists and I REALLY MEAN IT. To the point where they use their car as a 'pushing weapon'. This king of the road thought it would be effective to try and overtake a cyclist friend with NO SPACE at all to be stuck in traffic a second later. My friend almost toppled over another cyclist which would have resulted in me also falling over. This man was obviously....yes...a Taxi / Chauffeur Driver with his 'Y' number plate. Oh well...I hope karma bites him back!



Signing Out!


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Highlights of The Ride

  • Great Weather
  • Very Quiet Morning
  • HILLS!


Drawbacks of The Ride

  • Aggressive Drivers


Name & Shame

SGY 222


Pic of the Day

 Dwejra - 7am

Dwejra - 7am






The End


Cycle on!