Journal - Ride 48, For the Wind!

Short Description About Today

  1. Early Sunday
  2. Qala Road Assembly!
  3. Group Ride
  4. Easy Cycle
  5. Longish distance


and some punctures...

Sadly, this summer's weekends have all been subject to a heap ton of crap weather...well mostly. So us cyclists have been quite fortunate as this eliminates those people who like to stay indoors in such 'TERRIBLE' weather. Thus we get to enjoy the whole road to ourselves because we LOVE to hog the road - I'M JOKING BROW RELAX.

But honestly, all of this wind is quite fun when you're on a bike, you get to enjoy some resistance training and on your way back you'll feel as though you've just pushed some magical MEGA-SUPER-TURBO button whilst you're easily pedalling down a well-paved (this is a Myth in Gozo) road.

Reaching 69.1km/h (as I did today) is no laughing matter...well maybe it is...*COUGH* INNUENDO *COUGH*... Indeed, 69.1km/h on a bike might sound incredibly terrifying and quite frankly it is but I didn't even notice that I reached that speed, FOR THE WIND!

Oh and what's up with all the dark clouds?

The Ride

Today's Ride was the same as every other Sunday. Although Domenic decided to ditch us once again :( ! Crying aside....We all met up at Qala Road at around 7-8am, grouped up and set off on our journey! It was a very relaxing ride, tons of Force 5 Winds, lots of wind-chatter and some punctures (2) all to the same cyclist and all on the same wheel, poor Gerard :( . 

We cycled for around 40-50km together, I managed to squeeze in some extra KMs to reach 60.5km and we also climbed up some moderate hills. 

And you're right...there was no coffee break today either!


This Week's Stats


Signing Out!


The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)


Highlights of The Ride

  • Group Ride
  • No sweat!
  • Fun Tailwinds


Drawbacks of The Ride

  • Nasty headwinds :( 


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

 Near Ta' Pinu

Near Ta' Pinu

 Pumping Browwwww..or is he?

Pumping Browwwww..or is he?





The End


Cycle on!