Journal - Ride 49, Mixin' it up

Short Description About the Rides

  1. Time Trial ride (66km @ 32.5 - 33km/h avg for 2hrs) - 8th August
  2. Group hills / long distance - 9th August
  3. 123km in 2 days!



Yep it's another 'duo' blog about two rides in one blog post. Due to the fact that I wouldn't be able to write much about Monday's Ride as it was just a solo time trial ride of me mindlessly looping Qala road for god knows how many times to do 66km in 2 hours. 

Monday, 8th August

As I've already stated above, Monday's ride was solely a Time Trial ride in Qala road. I cycled for 66km (don't mind the Strava mistake, I had no oxygen when I realised it stopped...I accidentally inputted 67.7km instead of 66km but whatever - complex stuff). Looped around the route for 66km, averaging 32.5 - 33km/h, I don't really know how much exactly since Strava decided to ditch me, oh the woes. I also put in some 10-15 second 'super' sprints sometimes reaching speeds of around 65-70km/h on the flats but against the wind. I was also almost hit a couple of times, which is a VERY common occurrence on that road as no one bats an eye when they're leaving junctions but I'm still here luckily! 

*whispers to self* bunch of mongrels..


Tuesday, 9th August

Today's ride started off very early, woke up at around 5:30am or so, left the house at 6:25am and cycled for 2hours and 34 minutes. Straight away, the ride began with some hills, namely the hill between Ta' Frenc and Xaghra where I met up with Gerard and Felicienne. I did that hill for a lap and a half and then met up with Brandon. We proceeded to go down to Marsalforn then to Qala. Whilst in Qala we decided to go down Triq Tac-Cawl simply's one mean hill, reaching a gradient of 17% at it's steepest!! Making it the perfect hill for an early morning boost. We then went to Nadur, descended down to a place called 'Marga' (I'm probably wrong) , this hill/descend is best done with an mtb, simply because there's no actual road to cycle on so we were basically doing some CYCLOCROSS (at a very newbie level of course)! Nonetheless, we climbed that, took a photo (as seen below) and then went down to Ramla to seal off today's hilly ride. 



Signing Out!


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Highlights of The Rides

8th August

  • Time Trial!

  • 32.5-33km/h average in moderate wind
  • 2hr fun blast

9th August

  • Very early ride
  • Group ride
  • Hills!
  • Great weather up until 8:45am - Ramla :(
  • Quiet roads


Drawbacks of The Rides

  • None


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

 Cyclocross! - Marga Nadur

Cyclocross! - Marga Nadur






The End


Cycle on!