Journal - Ride 52, Trio


180 combined kms

I'll be keeping this blog post very short as the rides were quite normal and uneventful if I had to say so myself...sadly. Prepare yourself, this'll lack some enthusiasm :(!

Wednesday's Ride/s

Wednesday's ride started off in the morning and ended in the evening..nah, it's not what you're thinking! I didn't actually go out in the morning and end that same ride in the no.. You see, the art of cycling isn't all about fun and games. TONS of problems like to crop up out of NOWHERE. So on Wednesday I went out in the morning with the time trial bike but had to go back home as I had a problem with the rear wheel...only cycling for 13.4kms. Later that day, I went out cycling again for 28.7km, mostly did hills like Ramla and Hondoq with Brandon and that was about it.

Thursday's Ride

Thursday's ride was quite fun. A whole 100.9km ride in 4hours, quite slow/average as I only kept a 24-25km/h average since I stuck to the same roads all the time. Exhausting.

Friday's Ride

Today/Friday's ride was also a brisk and normal ride, cycled for 37km, almost all of it on flat roads except for one hill which was from Marsalforn to Xaghra.



Signing Out!


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Highlights of The Rides

  • Distance!
  • Some cool hills!


Drawbacks of The Rides

  • None


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

 Ta' Pinu - taken on Thursday's 100km ride

Ta' Pinu - taken on Thursday's 100km ride






The End


Cycle on!