Journal - Ride 56, Brisk

Short Description About Today

  1. Morning Ride...duh! 
  2. Mixed type 'o ride  
  4. Friendly people


The Weather

As per plan in mind, just to do some cycling! Today's ride was perhaps the coolest ride this summer. Took off at around 6:40am and returned home at 8:30 ish... Usually by 7:30 or so, I start to sweat and sweat a lot but

not today! Today's weather was literally PERFECT! Apart from the headwinds but I won't complain about that as it helped me on my way back..hehe... 


The ride was made up of some hills and some straights (obviously)... The hills I climbed were Dwejra, Marsalforn to Xaghra and Zebbug.

Why not more ?!?! 

Because this was the 'warm-up starter' ride of the week and I like to keep it chill and easy in these types of rides as to prepare for the week of cycling!  

Side Note : I've almost reached my goal for meters climbed this year ! ALREADY! Check it out here. CLICK ME


Signing Out!


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Highlights of The Ride

  • Easy n Chill
  • The Weather!


Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

 Scary Seas at Dwejra!

Scary Seas at Dwejra!






The End


Cycle on!