Journal - Ride 58, Temporary Inconveniences 2.0

Short Description About Today

  1. Back on the saddle once again!
  2. Yay...
  3. Crap weather
  4. Idiotic drivers



Excuse my disappearance from the face of the earth...for the *what seems like* the millionth time. Gozitan drivers must have had a hell of a break since I wasn't terrorising the streets at all these past 2 weeks...BUT NOW I'M BACK!

The cause of the missing red cyclists was due to a plain and simple and very limiting problem...the bike itself! Somehow, my rear derailleur decided to bend on itself which screwed up the whole rear gear mechanism which caused my chain to flip out a couple of times in an extremely scary way. The chain used to jump gears and occasionally, when it felt like it needed to be a nuisance, it just jumped in between the rim and the cassette. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about...Imagine this scenario : You're cycling at around 35km/h when suddenly, you swap gears and instead of your bike swapping gears, the chain goes hay-wire and jumps in between the rim and cassette which will cause the rear tyre to COMPLETELY STOP rotating, leading to imminent demise.

Anyway..that is now fixed...thanks to Master Domenic! Praise Domenic!

Today's ride was a very easy and mixed type of ride. I set out to do a reverse anti-clockwise route of Gozo, like the one I did last week but the weather really wasn't helping. To start off, I went down to Triq Tac-Cawl and then to Hondoq where I was caught in some very nasty rain which forced me to climb back up very quickly as it started to get scary and the Hondoq road has a couple of tight hairpin bends which would be catastrophic in the rain. Then I went to Nadur, down to Ramla, ascended Xaghra, down to Marsalforn and then the cruelest hill in Gozo which is Ghajn Mhelel. Ghajn Mhelel was extremely difficult today as the terrain was very slippery so my rear tyre lost traction a couple of times - scary. Then I went down to Gharb, San Lawrenz and Dwejra and after that, I cycled back home. Obviously I had to pass from Victoria which is a complete and utter nightmare during the weekends as many motorists tend to ignore the rules of the road and do whatever they like on the very narrow roads.



Signing Out!


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Highlights of The Ride

  • Hilly stuff
  • Fun n easy ride
  • Met Domenic coincidentally !


Drawbacks of The Ride

  • Bad weather
  • Idiotic and arrogant drivers

Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

 Xaghra - Ramla view

Xaghra - Ramla view



The End


Cycle on!