Journal - Ride 61, Post-Uni Ride

Short Description About Today

  1. Back in Gozo!
  2. Evening cycling
  3. Rusty!

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Ah well... Uni's back! Fortunately enough, I've been bestowed with the best possible timetable I could have been given. It is totally bespoke to my lazy needs. In a nut shell, I have only 14hours of lecture (give or take a few hours for cut-short lectures), so on average, it'll be a 10hour week of 'work' and only once do I start at 8am !!!! I'm jealous of myself!

Anyway, today (Friday the 30th of September) I returned to Gozo to continue my cycling adventures. At approximately 5pm I set off to take off the rust that had built up on my body these past 5 days (lazy) as I didn't really do much exercise but i'll be fixing that..hopefully! Today's ride was plainly an all rounder, I did some flat roads and I cycled up some hills. I followed my trusty evening route which goes as follows : AVOID RABAT AT ALL COSTS. Cycled 2 laps on the Qala road, went up Nadur, down to Ramla, up Xaghra and that was basically it. It's was a heck ton of fun tho!


Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • All rounder
  • Relaxing and easy ride

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

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Pic of the Day

 Ramla to Xaghra Road

Ramla to Xaghra Road






The End


Cycle on!