Journal - Ride 62, Restart

Short Description About Today

  1. Tardy Start
  2. P5 fun!
  3. Still sluggish 



Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening readers!

Today's Ride(1st October) was fairly a very 'short' ride. Cycled a few laps to shrug off my laziness and try to redeem my cycling-'powers' . It consisted of just an hour and fifteen minutes, cycled 37.6km at an average speed of dead on 30km/h. In my defence, it was quite windy when heading back to Qala! 

It goes without mentioning that today's ride was done on the P5 (hint - the BLAND & numerous laps to Qala and back). I hadn't taken out the P5 for quite some time due to a valve leak on my disc wheel which hindered my ability to cycle on it due to the fact that it would cause damage to the wheel since it was deflated most of the time. But it's back in action! 

There were quite a few close calls today also, which is very common on the Qala road. Some drivers just don't give a damn, I even noticed that some drivers actually saw me but they still emerged from the junction. Sadly, it has become second nature to me. I encountered about 4 close calls in an hour and fifteen minutes so imagine cycling for longer than that! But it was probably one of those 'days'. 

Anyway, it still was a great cycle! Why would I be negative!?




Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • Some slow 'intervals' - confusing
  • P5!

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

Name & Shame


Pic of the Day

 A repeat photo but it's in the same place I was cycling ! - Qala Road (obviously)

A repeat photo but it's in the same place I was cycling ! - Qala Road (obviously)



The End


Cycle on!