Journal - Ride 57, The Complete Gozo Loop

Short Description About Today

  1. Planned morning for once!
  2. Extremely peaceful
  3. Perfect weather
  5. CLIMBING GOAL REACHED! Check it out here
  6. FUN.



I know...It is quite remarkable...the fact that I actually had a plan for once!!! The plan was quite 'simply' to cycle around Gozo in a clockwise rotation starting from Ghajnsielem of course... Before I start rambling about the epic ride.... This blog post will be relatively short as the ride really speaks for itself.

THE WEATHER WAS ASTOUNDINGLY PRISTINE, MORE LIKE IT PLEASE! Also, traffic was great too with some friendly motorists here and there...


The Ride

The ride itself started off quite unusual, as opposed to the usual 6am/ 6:30am start, this time it started off at around 7:30am, yeah..Lazy. This wasn't really a problem today though as the weather was still chilly and cool so it didn't interfere at all. The loop started off from Ghajnsielem to Xewkija, Sannat, Munxar, Xlendi, Kercem, Gharb, San Lawrenz, Dwejra, Ta' Pinu, Ghasri, Zebbug, Marsalforn, Xaghra, Ramla, Nadur, Qala and finally, Mgarr Harbour and then I was back home after around 2 hours and a half of cycling! Also had a short break at Mgarr Harbour with Domenic for a quick and much needed coffee !

Hills Covered

  1. Xewkija to Sannat back road Hill

  2. Xlendi Hill

  3. Xlendi to Kercem

  4. Dwejra

  5. Ta' Pinu short rear Hill

  6. Zebbug Hill

  7. Xaghra Hill

  8. Ramla to Nadur

  9. Mgarr Harbour

Totalling to 957meters of 'Grand' Ascension



Side Note : My 2016 Climbing Goal has been REACHED AND EXCEEDED! Check it out here.


Signing Out!


The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)


Highlights of The Ride

  • Perfect weather
  • Fun stuff


Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None


Name & Shame



Pic of the Day

 Ghajn Mhelel Climb

Ghajn Mhelel Climb



The End


Cycle on!