Journal - Ride 74, Clacks

Short Description About Today

  1. Hills
  2. Straights
  3. Mystery clacking sounds

Ol' Clackers

Before I get to the root of the purpose of this blog post, I'll talk a little about the undocumented rides of the week.

Which was only one ride. A very effective ride though! One which was taken along side (partly) with Master Dominix!!!!! It was really just an hour and 39 minutes long ride (the side length as the ride below) but was much harder as in the same time taken, I covered 43.6km but with just 378m of ascension. This is mainly due to the fact that I had cycle for the first 45minutes alone and had already done a few hills whilst Domenic was still being lazy and then we met up and completed some nastily fast interval sessions...

Yes...the Clackers

For anyone who has been following this whole blog post internety thing, you'd know that my bike (Cervelo S3) is very well known to develop weird and worrying sounds. Usually they'll come from a variety of different sources...

These have been the common occurrences :

  1. Rear Wheel hitting the frame
  2. Pedals being too dirty
  3. Crank bearings
  4. Bottom bracket
  5. Squeaky Chain
  6. Gearing Settings
  7. Anything else really...


Anyway....this time the sound had developed from the pedals (I thought)... A quick google search revealed that the Look KEO Blade 2 pedals (which I have) have a tendency to squeak if they have ancient deeply settled-in dirt in them. So I just washed the bike and took extra care to clean the pedals and applied some bike lube and viola...the squeak was no more!

But wait! This is my bike after all. Shortly after the euphoric realisation that the squeak was gone, the bike developed another annoying sound, which seems to be coming from the bottom bracket and since I have limited knowledge of how to fix that, it'll have to visit the awesome people over at Magri Cycles soon!


About the ride now...

Friday's ride was very 'flexible' in a way as I had just returned from Malta as my week of University was over and thus I was free to cycle since I have just began a new Semester I didn't really have anything better to do...The ride (as can be seen below) was fairly easy and non-loop oriented as I climbed a couple of hills and visited many localities...Was a great ride in all! 



Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • Mixed type o' ride
  • Great weather!

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

Name & Shame


Pic of the Day

Taken atop Ramla


The End


Cycle on!