Journal - Ride 75, First Group Ride of 2017!

Short Description About Today

  1. Morning Maintenance
  2. Group Ride
  3. Almost 200km this week :( 
  4. Coffee Sundays

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As per usual...every single Sunday, the ride will consist of at least if not all of these criterion

  • Someone will take a puncture / will have a deflated tyre - Check
  • Someone will require maintenance in the morning - Check (myself)
  • The roads will be wet - Check
  • The wind will start to pick up out of nowhere - Check
  • The car horns will be heard more frequently - Check

There are probably more frequently occurring things but i'll leave those for next weeks Sunday ride. But it was fun! We were a group of 7 (!!!!!) terrorising the wet and dismantled streets of Gozo whilst trying our best to 'Share the Road'. 

Morning Maintenance

Today's ill-prepared-for maintenance tasks consisted of adding a spacer to my handlebar in a desperate effort to add some more comfort to my ride. Can't really say if it worked or not but I'll keep you updated. Heck, if it doesn't work, I'm rather screwed, to put it simply. Also, Master Domenix woke up to a flat tyre so yeah...was fun to watch!

The Group Ride

It, started off at 6:50am (was supposed to start at 6:15am but I was too lazy to get out of bed - no surprise). Actually, the ride itself started at 7:15am something as Domenix had to assist me in fixing the handlebar spacer. Anyway, we met up with Iron Mike and the rest of the gang and cycled together for a little bit before heading to Nadur and witnessing a would-have-potentially-been-nasty car crash. The driver was okay though, however, since the roads were so wet, the car/anything with wheels on it becomes extremely unpredictable and shaky - watch out

We cycled wherever the bike took us, climbed some hills...the usual things you do whilst cycling and of course, we had our Sunday Coffee! Amazing Stuff indeed. Then we headed home, ending on 67km - 809m of elevation and in a time span of 3 hours and 4 minutes! 

Therefore...that means...this is now the longest ride of 2017! Scrapping the previous 'Longest Ride' of just 53km which I cycled this week - which can be seen here.

Speaking of this week...I almost cycled for 200km.


At least I'm on the right track again :D!

Onto the next week!




Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • Long Ride
  • Group Cyclin'
  • Weather although wet
  • above 60km!

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

Name & Shame


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The End


Cycle on!