Journal - Ride 76, Lost Aerodynamics!

Short Description About Today

  1. MESSY
  2. DIRT
  3. MESSY
  4. DIRT
  5. Post-Ride Wash!


Have I mentioned that it was messy? must have slipped my mind, but yeah, it was messy.

Jokes really was messy.

Okay, I'll stop...

The ride was fairly easy and straight to the point of just simply cycling with the lads. Alongside master Domenix and G-man. Met up with them an hour late because well obviously I am that lazy type of cyclist whom prefers to spend an extra hour and a half in bed scrolling through social media. 

I'll briefly go over the fact once more that the roads were drenched and dirty (well obviously, they're roads!!!). It was understandable that the state of the roads was caused by rain during the night but to add insult to the injury, there were a couple of localities that had their own 'rain alternative' - gushing out water from some unknown source on the streets without a care in the world (not the rain itself but an addition to it). 

Rant Over

Once I returned home, I commissioned a mission to myself. That being to clean my bikes thoroughly simply because I CANNOT STAND TO THE ADDED WEIGHT OF ALL THAT DIRT ON MY BIKE WHICH ALSO HINDERS AERODYNAMICS!!! Lol...

Nah, I just don't like having dirty bikes, heck if anyone ever comes up with that ingenious reason as to why they clean they're bikes, I'll be the first one to slap them right across the face.

Behold, before and after photos of the cleaning process (takes me about 45mins to complete or so, I'll do a blog post about it soon!)





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