Journal - Ride 77, Hurtful

  1. Intervals
  2. P5...duh! 
  3. Master Domenix Speeeeed


World of Hurt

The good kind of hurt! 

The kind of hurt you feel after 52km of constant hard pedalling and after an hour and 40ish minutes of being hit by the wind(wasn't really windy but saying that it was, adds 'toughness') ! That was the ride for today, alongside Master Domenix whom tagged along through a very tough 40km stretch of my morning's training plan.


And yes it was a repetitive type of ride of going back and fourth Qala road for a rather depressing amount of times, I believe it was around 9-10 Laps...


Of course, my weapon of choice was the P5 and of course, Master Domenix was left at a disadvantage (as he pointed out during the ride), but he probably said so because he's getting old ;) .  


T'was a good ride indeed! Finishing it off with a 15sec sprint, reaching 55.63km/h on flat ground and peaking at 200 BPM (Beats per minute : Heart Rate - SHAKY STUFF!) 


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