Journal - Ride 78, Fun, Falls and the Elderly

Short Description About Today

  1. Sunday Group Ride Fun
  2. Iron Mike video :(
  3. Domenix being slow... as usual  :)
  4. Coffeeeeeee



It's really difficult to think of an extra title so I'll just leave it as "Extra" which really doesn't have any relevance to today's ride at all but... just go with it!


What an awesome ride!!!!

...except for the water on the roads

As usual, the ride (for me) started off seriously late (compared to the others), at around 8:30am even though I had woken up at 7am but I have my reasons...they begin with the fact that I am really lazy to get out of the bed and end with well...the fact that I am really lazy! 


That should be enough rambling about irrelevant and pointless subjects....onto the ride!

It should go without saying that I (along with all cyclists / road users) hate water on the roads because it's annoying, dangerous and well crap. I won't be talking about how much I loathe water on the roads, instead, I'll leave the link to a ride from 2 days ago where you can exactly see why I hate it so much. Just click anywhere on this paragraph to view that.


The Ride

Now onto more pressing issues....ah yes, today's ride. What a load of fun. The weather was great, the sun was shining, the Domenix was slow and there was Coffeeee at the end of it! Oh yeah, and Iron Mike fell off his bike!!! Fun times indeed. Also, a new cyclist has joined the regiment!

Stats : 58.6km in 2hours 20minutes and climbed 623meters.

Slight weekly recap



Well obviously, who wouldn't have fun cycling on a Sunday Morning with minimal traffic alongside your cycling buddies!?!? AND WITH COFFEE!!!! Really ain't much to say more about it... Cycling is fun! 

...except when you're met with a certain person of certain age behind the wheel that only knows how to honk his horn when he sees pesky cyclists in front of him/her.


Ah yes, Mike fell off his bike, scary stuff but he's all fine!

Master Domenix


What would cycling be without the founder of cycling in Gozo himself?! Master Domenix!!!! Mr. Domenix is now in the "elderly" stage, as he has surged past the age of 80 (not really), as can be seen below from the video I took of him TRYING to climb Nadur Hill :)....Obviously I'm joking, Domenix is an inspiration to anyone and everyone! The video was taken all in good fun. Just watch it till the end for the extra love.


Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • Cool weather
  • Fun group ride!
  • Coffeeeeee!!!!!!
  • More Coffeeee

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

Name & Shame


Pic of the Day


The End


Cycle on!