Journal - Ride 80, Saturday Traffic

Short Description About Today

  1. Saturday Mornings be like...


Saturday Traffic

Short blog incoming....Again !

As the title implies, my ride was subject to an enormous amount of traffic (Rabat). Where what seemed like, there was a large gathering of idiot drivers. Let me elaborate with the following bullet points.

  • Indicators are a myth
  • Right of way...doesn't exist!
  • You're a cyclist?....GET OUT OF THE WAY!
  • Over-revving your engine because a cyclist is beside you on a red light won't make you look like Vin Diesel, frankly, you're just confirming that you're a dimwit. 
  • Over-speeding into the car in front of you just to block a cyclist, will again, make you look stupid and resentful.
  • Exiting a junction/parking without even looking behind your shoulder is ridiculous, learn how to properly drive!

Rant Over

Oh and if you were wondering, all of this happened in the time span of.....



Other than that, the ride was pretty much fun apart from the wind that started to pick up at the end of the ride but nevertheless, t'was a fun ride!



Signing Out!

The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)

Highlights of The Ride

  • Decent distance
  • The weather...before it turned rogue and the win started to pick up

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • Rabat.

Name & Shame

Numerous idiots who think they are kings of the road...sadly, no identification was gathered.

Pic of the Day

Wasn't taken today - Ghajn Melel






The End


Cycle on!