Journal - Ride 83, WIND

Short Description About Today

  1. more WIND


Have I mentioned that it was windy?

I probably have...yeah, 30km/h++ winds blasting in your face ain't all that fun to be totally honest. Though, having that much wind push you is pretty epic!


And there was Domenic alongside me today! So t'was even better simply because, whenever we had to battle the headwinds, I just silently hid behind Domenic and when he had tailwinds, I would simply go in front of him!

Anyway, the ride was fun as always, with some clouds, slight bit of rain, MANY winds and funny jokes... If you were wondering, no, the Carnival Traffic didn't affect us all that much! Also, we obviously had to stop for some coffee in Nadur (Carnival Hub) and some sweets of course! Us cyclists need to replenish those calories!




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  • Relaxed all the way!

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