Journal - Ride 85, Quickie

Short Description About Today

  1. Nothin' Much
  2. Bike Swap!



Short blog post in 3....2....1

Basically, been slacking off from blog posting because my previous rides (Friday/Saturday) weren't all that eventful to be honest. T'was just a normal ride and to be frank, today's ride (5th March) was no different but I have to keep ya'll updated !

Today's ride started off surprisingly early! 7:10AM on a Sunday for me is a record! Will probably be a one-off scenario though, we'll just have to see for next week... 

I set off solo today, picked the P5 as my weapon of choice but regretted it the moment I set off due to some nasty headwinds and me being tired. That lasted for about an hour and a few minutes until I went back home and swapped the bike for the S3 in order to be more flexible in the winds but that too only lasted for about another hour. 

That's the ride for today, see ya next week!


Just in case you're I didn't have coffee :(


Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • PERFECT WEATHER...except the wind!

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

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