Journal - Ride 86, Just in case you were living under a rock

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Just in case you were living under a rock

pun intended...

well, I hope you weren't living under the Azure Window, else you'd be pretty much dead.

The Azure Window at Dwejra has fallen.

That's that.


Just like todays and yesterdays ride... T'was extremely rocky, in the sense that the wind was an absolute beast. Gusts of around 40km/h in open areas ain't all that fun whilst cycling on a 7.9kg aero bike being thrown around uncontrollably like a sailing boat. 

During yesterdays (10th March) I descended down Dwejra just to see how the current situation is and to be frank, it's different (obviously). I was more amazed by the amount of people down there! Icecream trucks, pop-up souvenir shops, taxi-galore, busses, people selling anything related to 'Azure Window', heck there was even someone selling newspapers (I think that's what they were). Not to mention the amount of tourists! Astounding! 

Anyway...Today's ride was quite fun and extremely windy. Nothing much to say about it except for the fact that Master Domenix blessed me with his presence and we stopped for some hot/cold coffee and free cakes!!!



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  • Hilly stuff
  • Coffee

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  • None

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Taken in Dwejra on 10th March, yeah, no window





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