Journal - Ride 89, Roundabout Warriors

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Domenic stole my bike!

More on that later.

Before I start rambling on about some pointless things...

We have a new cyclist in Gozo!!!! - a friend of mine.

That's another pesky cyclist terrorising the streets of Gozo! 

Today - 26/03/2017

What a great ride! 

Today's ride started off relatively early at around 8am, before you start bashing me about stating that '8am' is early, factor in that day light's savings just hit. So technically, the ride started at 7am!

Anyway, with that argument won...the ride was great! Well except for the ill weather. Cloudy, cold, warm at times, windy and an overall deal-breaker. Unluckily for us, since we haven't found the secret to controlling the weather yet, we couldn't really do anything about it. Other than that, there's really nothing else to rant about!!!

Traffic was cool, albeit there were a few roundabout warriors. 

* Roundabout Warriors Definition : A driver who is seemingly blind that accelerates into a roundabout even though there are cyclists which are about to enter that same roundabout at that very second. The driver then proceeds to overtake the pesky cyclists whilst in the roundabout area or 1 meter before it. This is obviously extremely dangerous as the roundabout warrior can easily knock-over a cyclist whose just trying to use the roundabout for it's intended purpose. Normally, roundabout warriors have no recollection that their car has an indicator however they are aware that the car is equipped with a horn and will proceed to use the horn until all other living species in the area becomes deaf.

I guess I did have something to rant about after all...


Anyway, the ride was fairly normal, cycled for about 62km, the last 12km are lost as my phone decided to die out. Visited too many places to list them all and just plainly had a ton of fun. We obviously stopped for some coffee because what's a Sunday ride without coffee!? But that's just about it for today's ride I think... 

Oh yes, almost forgot, Domenic stole my bike but just for the photo (which can be seen below)! Can't imagine Master Domenix trying to handle my S3, it's not really his type / size :) ...


Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • Awesome ride
  • Easy n fun
  • Plenty of Coffee

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  • None

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Sanap Cliffs - Domenic stole my bike




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Cycle on!