Journal - Ride 90, Malta Quickie

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  1. Solo Ride
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Quick blog post incoming!

As the title suggests, this blog post will be on my cycle which took place yesterday (29th March) in Malta! Yep! Another ride in Malta! Unfortunately, this time I was cycling solo. Nothing wrong about that but cycling in a group is always much more fun! Especially when you have little to zero knowledge about where you should go cycling...

Anyway, my ride started by me loading my bike into my car and getting stuck in traffic (at 6:30pm) in Msida. I did this due to the fact that at that hour, the traffic situation is quite hectic - stagnant. I drove to the coast road, unloaded my bike near the White Rock restaurant and set off!

I'm not really sure about which places I visited but it was awesome! The weather was great, albeit a little windy, the traffic was great and I was happy to be on the road again. The biggest highlight of the ride is probably San Martin hill which is a favorite of mine (probably because it's the only hill I know about in Malta which is cycling and traffic friendly).

That hill is just awesome, it's a 6-7% average gradient hill, quite long but it's not that difficult whilst being extremely enjoyable! Kinda like the Dwejra hill in Gozo but longer. Not to mention the awesome views in that hill!

Signing Out!

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Highlights of The Ride

  • San Martin Hill
  • Exploring roads (for me)
  • Surprisingly fun to cycle in Malta!

Drawbacks of The Ride

  • None

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