A Bike Fit on Steroids


You might be wondering what I'm on about...

Allow me to elaborate.

What is a Bike Fit?

In the world of cycling, there exists a wonderful technique where other people measure you from end to end in order to try as best as they can to tailor-fit you to your bike / your bike to you. Various components on the bike are adjusted to make the bike suite your body. Such as the handlebar, seat-post, saddle, brake-lever position etc etc...

This is called a 'Bike Fit'

Why on earth should you get a Bike Fit you ask?

Simple, unless you want to live the rest of your life / cycling-life aching with back/neck/wrist/knee/ any other type of bone-pain, don't do it. However, if you are like me, and want to feel comfortable on your bike / after your ride, do yourself a favour and get a bike fit done. I'm sure there are a number of people who have miraculously done this themselves on themselves(which is still considered as a bike fit), kudos to you!

Not to mention, with a proper bike fit, you'll probably be able to go faster!!!


So, how do you get a bike fit?

As with everything in the advanced world that we live in, we have numerous ways (2 actually) of how you can get a bike fit.


  1. You do it yourself (not really recommendable)
  2. You pay someone to do it for you (the obvious choice!)


So you've chosen Option 2, great choice! But wait, there's another list of options you need to choose from!


  1. Get the normal, all-rounder bike fit
  2. Get a Bio Mechanical Bike Fit (the one with the hint of steroids... and high levels of OCD...lol)


Hmm...this is a tough choice... Well, it really isn't because if you're a cyclist, you probably already have done the first option (the normal bike fit), if not, go do it now (ideally).

For example, the day I bought my S3, the wonderful people over at Magri Cycles offered to do a bike fit completely for free in order to achieve the best possible position for me on my brand new, blingin' bike! 

Which brings me to the conclusion that if you really want to get Option 2 done, you'll want to have Option 1 done first (ideally) because Option 1 covers the major areas of a bike fit whilst Option 2 is all about the nitty gritty of things. But that's just my opinion of things. 

More on this below... 


The Bio-Mechanical Bike Fit

What a fancy name...unlike other things which sound fancy and don't live up to their complex-sounding names, this one actually does.

Getting Option 2 done is on a whole other level. Thus why I've named this blog post "A Bike Fit on Steroids". There's no actually consumption of steroids, it's just that this type of bike fit gets down to so many intricate details that it's downright insane!

Swinging pendulums, a multitude of measuring instruments and a cool technician by the name of Pablo Fernández-Gálvez from Sportlab.

This too, was done at Magri Cycles.

T'was an hour long test to get me in the most precise position possible on my S3. 

How the Test is carried out in a nutshell

  1. You fill in some details about yourself
  2. Measurements are taken off of you & your bike
  3. You cycle progressively for 10minutes on your bike on an indoor trainer
  4. Measurements are taken again
  5. Pablo sets your new measurements on your bike and your cleats
  6. You cycle again for 10 minutes progressively
  7. You should be happy with your new bike fit by now...
  8. Pablo then urges you to try out your new bike fit on the streets of Mosta
  9. You're now one with your bike!


What is actually done ?

  • Your cleat positions are meticulously adjusted to fit perfectly when you're pedalling
  • The seat is adjusted to perfection
  • The handlebar is also adjusted (mine couldn't since it's an integrated handlebar)
  • And more!

And you will also be given all of the measurements which were taken and finalised in PDF format and Pablo will also be available through email whenever you wish!

What's not great about that!?

 Don't mind the extra hair / stomach (I blame it on the bloat)

Don't mind the extra hair / stomach (I blame it on the bloat)

My own Review after 2 rides with the new bike fit

As expected, the tests' results came out to be pretty much amazing. Before the new fitment, I was experiencing some neck / lower back pains at times but now they've almost vanished completely. And I suspect they'll be gone soon once I get a bit more accustomed to the new tailor-fit position. 

The 2 Rides weren't that easy either... One was quite fast paced and KOM/Record-filled and the other one had 1000m+ of elevation so if any discomfort had to come up, it would have already showed it's pesky face in these hard-hitting rides.

 You get a cool sticker too!

You get a cool sticker too!


Better Hurry!

Sadly or not so 'sadly', if you'd like to get your own bio-mechanical bike fit / tests, you'd better hurry as Pablo leaves to go back to Spain soon. According to Magri Cycles, the last day possible to get it done is on the 19th of April.

But don't get your hopes up! Pablo might be coming back in the coming months!


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