Journal - Ride 101, 2017's Best Week Yet!

Short Description About Today

  1. Sunday Group Ride! 
  2. Another 100k!
  3. Andre's first Gran Fondo!


The 2nd Gran Fondo in a span of 9 days!

Allow me to elaborate with the below depiction of just how epic this week was.

Side Note - Yes, I have indeed set my goal distance to a minuscule 150km per week but that's due to the fact that usually I'm at University all week so there's not much time to cycle :( ... But I tend to be flexible.

With the easter holidays coming to a close, I decided to end what so far was the best week of 2017 with a slight nudge of a bang.

  1. This week I managed to achieve my fastest ever speed kept for 1hr 30mins which was 38.11km/h average for a 60km non-stop interval.
  2. I also managed to mainly focus on mixing every single ride with a couple of hills.
  3. And lastly, I added in a Gran Fondo ride of 100.5km distance at the end of the week (Sunday).



    The week in review

    Closing the week at

    • 364km distance travelled
    • 14hrs 43mins on the saddle
    • 4,160 meters of elevation - equivalent to climbing Ramla around 40 times


    Today's Ride - Sunday 23rd April

    The second Gran Fondo in a timespan of 9 days! Obviously nothing to brag about but it's more than I've ever done in such a short time span in succession. Also it was Andre's (the new cyclist!) first Gran Fondo!! Quite remarkable when you factor in the fact that he only just started cycling 3 weeks ago and he's already completed a 100km ride! If I was in his shoes, I wouldn't even have gotten past 50km, let alone 100km. Kudos to you, Andre.

    Anyway, the ride was quite, long but it wasn't the usual "Laps around Qala" type of ride. We mixed it up this time, I don't think we even lapped a place a single time - record breaking indeed! There's no point in mentioning where we went as you can view it below or by checking out the Relive link above.

    The more important thing however is that we stopped for coffee at Tamarisk. Classic coffee.



    Signing Out!

    The Ride on Strava (Cycling App)

    Highlights of The Ride

    • 100k-fun!
    • Cool weather
    • Groupo-ride

    Drawbacks of The Ride

    • Headwinds

    Name & Shame


    Pic of the Day

    Taken at the 96km mark - Xewkija/Ghajnsielem Heliport 


    The End


    Cycle on!